Search & Destroy at Schwuz

Ich Bin Ein Berliner Fest at SO36

Squeezebox at Bergain Kantina

Mermaids Party at Comet Club

Poopsy Club at Festsaal Kreuzberg


Death by Pop Party at Bang Bang


Hugs & Kisses Mag Release Party at L.U.X.

Popular Musik Party at Schwuz

PartySane Party at Schwuz

Shade at NBI

                                            Fag Bar at Monster Ronson’s                                                      FUL Art Magazine Release Party at Monster Ronson’s

Miss Tipsy’s Champagneria

Femme Fest at L.U.X.

Monarch Bar

Barbie Deinhoffs



Madame Claudes


Riot GRRRLs Party at L.U.X.

Saloon de Cou Cou

Hot Box at Sux Bar

Berlin Porn Fest at Tek-Mer 

Club Awesome

Club OK

HAMBURG — Hugs & Kisses Mag Release Party, Dance til You Drop at Hafenklang

LEIPZIG — Lumiere Bleue at Alte Damenhandschufabrik

FRANCE — FemNRFest in Nantes, Baby Doll Party at La Java in Paris

NORWAY — Oslo Queer Fest, Landmark in Bergen

DENMARK — Copenhagen Queer Fest

BELGIUM — Le Fontainas

CANADA — Lick in Vancouver, Toronto Pride

SAN FRAN — Thing Nite at Aunt Charlie’s

PORTLAND — Pop Tart at Holocene, Dunes, Queer Bait at Crush

SEATTLE — Club Pop at Chop Suey, Peroxide at Re-Bar, the Wild Rose, El Corazon

OLYMPIA — Manium, Jakes, the Brotherhood


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